politique environnementale

Attention to environmental protection is an integral part of all MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o. activities. Part of this policy is to comply with the requirements of applicable legal regulations for environmental protection and other regulations and standards to which the company is committed. L'entreprise attend la même chose de ses fournisseurs.The environmental policy points are defined as follows:

  • familiarize all employees with the environmental policy and the implementation of our environmental goals,
  • increase and deepen awareness of environmental protection among company employees and actively involve them in individual activities,
  • strive to minimize the negative impacts of our own activities on the environment and thereby constantly improve our environmental profile,
  • reduce energy consumption by restructuring and modernizing production, ensuring high-quality technical service of current production equipment, including its maximum use with regard to the permanent evaluation of energy consumption,
  • permanent and consistent analysis of the consumption of raw materials and materials with an emphasis on their maximum use and reduction of waste, to ensure the minimization of the use of natural resources and raw materials,
  • ensure proper disposal of residual waste,
  • preventively prevent emergency situations, pollution of air, water, soil and excessive generation of waste, which may ultimately adversely affect the environment,
  • ensure the prevention of pollution by minimizing all possible risks taken into account in the company's activities,
  • require an active approach to environmental protection from its contractual partners,
  •  continuously monitor the fulfillment of environmental goals and target values,
  • at least once a year to ensure a review of the environmental management system by the management and the execution of an environmental audit, as necessary to update the Environmental Policy and ensure its announcement.