Labour and Ethics

MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o. undertakes to create a working environment in which human rights of workers and employees are respected and treated with respect and dignity. The Company further undertakes that the Company's management will follow the "Code of Conduct" in negotiating and maintaining business relationships.Adherence to human and labor rights is also strictly required of our suppliers.

 1.   Voluntary work

No forced labor is tolerated in society. All work is voluntary and workers can freely terminate their employment.

2.   Child labor

Children's work is not tolerated in society. A child means a person who has not completed compulsory basic education or is a person who has not reached the minimum set age for legal employment in the Czech Republic.

3.   Working time

Permanently ordered overtime causes excessive workload, which can lead to worker productivity decrease and increased risk of injury. MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o. monitors the overtime and leisure hours of their staff and, in case of excessive stress, will take corrective action.

4.   Wages and Remuneration

Wages and salaries paid to employees must be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours, weekend, holiday and night work.

5.   Human treatment

The company does not tolerate any inhuman treatment of individual workers, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment or mental, physical or verbal abuse.

 6.   Non-discrimination

MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o. undertakes to create a working environment without harassment or unlawful discrimination. Society does not tolerate discrimination based on skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, marital status, political belief, or membership of a different, specific organization.

7.   Freedom of collective action

Open communication and direct engagement of staff and management are the most effective ways to solve workplace problems. In society, the rights of workers to freely associate, join trade unions or seek representation and join work councils in accordance with local laws must be respected in society. Workers need to be able to communicate and share remarks with management on working conditions and management procedures without fear of intimidation or harassment.

8.    Business Integrity

All forms of bribery, corruption, extortion, and embezzlement are strictly prohibited in society. All business meetings should be transparently implemented and accurately reflect to the business conditions and policy of MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o .In order to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws, all managers are familiarized with and follow the "Company's Code of Conduct".

9.   Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights must be fully respected in society. The transfer of technology and know-how must be done in a way that protects the intellectual property rights of both MAPLAST CZ, s.r.o. and their customers.

10.    Trade, advertising and competitive struggle

Fair trade, advertising and competitive combat standards must be respected. Appropriate means must be in place in the company to provide relevant customer information.

11.     Identity protection

Business processes that ensure the confidentiality and protection of customer, vendor, and employee internal data are required. The Company commits itself to adequately protect the personal data of all stakeholders with whom our company trades, including suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.