Clamping force kN 5000
Mold protection force kN -
Opening stroke mm 850
Min. mold height mm 400
Max. mold height mm 920
Platen size (hor. x vert.) mm 1300x1300
Distance between tie bars mm 920x920
Max. mold weight kg 8700
Max. mold weight on the moving side kg 5200
Min. mold diameter mm -
Centering ring injection side mm Ø 200 H7
Centering ring ejector side mm Ø 200 H7
Thread/depth in the clamping plates mm M20/40
Ejector path mm 260
Ejector force kN 96
Screw diameter mm 80
Stroke volume ccm 1779
Ejecton weight (PS) g -
Ejecton weight (PE) g -
Max. dosage lenght mm 354
Specific injection pressure (při 400°C) bar 1855
Core puller   -